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Direct-market farmers forge ahead amid shutdowns

As the Covid-19 outbreak began to shut down much of the Northeast last month, the region’s farmers and food producers suddenly found that some of their customers and marketing outlets were evaporating, with restaurants, colleges and even some farmers markets temporarily shuttered. But with lots of people doing more cooking as they follow health officials’ pleas to stay home, the demand for fresh, local ingredients seems stronger than ever.
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Rural towns join forces to upgrade slow-lane Internet

Bill Meyer’s online business requires him to send and receive many pages of documents. But the DSL line that serves his house, at the end of a dirt road in rural Rupert, Vt., is slow and unreliable. Now Meyer’s town and others around southwestern Vermont are joining forces to bring high-speed Internet to their communities.
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Retracing a family’s roots - and uprooting

“Leaving China” tells the story of illustrator James McMullan’s family roots in China, from his grandparents’ missionary work for the Anglican Church to his childhood flight during the Japanese occupation of 1937-41.

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Belcher Hollow Forge, Handforged iron