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In a ‘food desert,’ good healthy food for all

For the people who crowd the sidewalks of Hudson’s main street most weekends, there are plenty of high-end restaurants and specialty food stores to suit every taste. But for those who live in the center of the small city, buying everyday groceries has for years meant traveling more than two miles outside the city to a suburban supermarket. Over the past year, though, a new effort has been under way to make fresh produce and other good food available to people of all income levels in Hudson and, eventually, in other communities across Columbia County. read more



Lush gardens, growing mission

Pact with neighbors allows Berkshire Botanical Garden to expand.
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Community forest preserves the woods at village’s edge

A wooded hillside on the edge of the village of Cambridge, N.Y. -- the field-trip destination for generations of Cambridge Central School students -- has become Washington County’s first community forest.

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Ida O’Keeffe, forgotten sister of Georgia, finds new light

Her older sister is known as the founder of U.S. Modernism, but few people know she or her art exist. After her lifetime, her oil paintings and prints were scattered and largely forgotten -- until now. This summer, the first retrospective of Ida O’Keeffe’s work is on view at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown.
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Local scenes, literary themes: The art of Harold Keller

The artist Harold Keller may have been born and bred in Brooklyn, but for most of his life, his heart was in Washington County. It was in the county’s rolling hills that he found the greatest inspiration for his work. read more
















Belcher Hollow Forge, Handforged iron