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Here’s why local, independent businesses
advertise in the Hill Country Observer:


Readers spend quality time with the Observer.

  • In-depth, exclusive stories keep readers engaged and informed about issues in our tri-state region.
  • Our user-friendly calendar section covers an entire month, ensuring that the Observer gets kept on coffee tables and referred to again and again.


Our Destination group ads promote regional tourism.

  • Ads grouped by community establish key cities and towns as the destination for day trips and weekend getaways.
  • Mini-calendars within each group highlight specific events that might be the occasion for this type of “backyard” tourism.
  • Travel-time boxes in each group ad -- and a regional map in every issue -- give readers the details to plan their trips.


Your ad reaches a targeted audience
in our rural, sophisticated region.

  • 19,000 copies distributed at more than 500 locations
  • A pick-up rate of better than 90 percent, often 95 percent
  • A devoted readership that values independent journalism and prides itself on keeping informed about local issues, products and services